For those of you on every other day noctunal how do you do it if you want to go some place for the weekend? I was thinking about dialyzing for two days in a row before going.

We do what you are going to do.

Hi Gloria! Where are you guys thinking of going? (If anyone deserved a break, it’s definitely you and Rick!)

Now to Marty… How long has you dad gone without dialysis after doing two days together? It seems obvious you could go three–since that’s just a typical weekend at an in-center unit. But, can you stretch it to four without any serious reprecussions?


Hi Deb, Well we were going to go to NY to see our daughter but the weather took a dump. :frowning: On that trip I was thinking of dialyzing Sat. and Sun. Then leaving Sun night and returning Wed night to dialyze Thur. morning. My thinking was if I really watched my fluid and took increased binders it would be ok. I didn’t get around to checking it out with my neph since we weren’t able to go.
We’re planning on going to Vegas just for the weekend. I am feeling better all the time and it’s been so long since we’ve been anywhere. How are you guys doing? I bet you’re ready for a break too.
I had to take that goofy afgan completely out. When I finially layed it down and looked at it it was about twice the size on the bottom as it was on the top. lol I would have dumped the whole thing but figured I had way to much money wrapped up in those little eyelashes…lol
Hope all is well with you guys, tell Michael hi from us.

Dad has gone 72 hrs without dialysis; I have never pushed it beyond this so don’t really know the answer. But I think fluid would become a problem if anyone went to long.