Just a short video I uploaded to my Putfile site. It is the first one I have made.

Hey, thanks for sharing this video! First of its kind I ever saw where a cathetor is used…

Nice Video. How do you and what do you use for cleaning your catheter site? Do you use the biopatches?

I use a liquid called Exsept. I put it on 2x2’s to clean the site. I use 2"x2" coverlet bandages for the site and paper tape. I put half of a 2x2 under the wings of the catheter before I bandage it. I should make a video of cleaning it… Maybe I will be able to do that soon…
Thanks everyone for the nice comments…

Nice one, LSB! And I actually managed to see your vid all the way downunder on my mac without any buffering. Ain’t technology bootiful!

Leafsunbear, I forgot to ask you…what model video camcorder did you use for this?