Visit to China

Hi All

I am currently on PD and using cycler. I may have to go to China for a week. As it would be a small trip and I do not have too long a time to arrange for international delivery, I am planning to carry the supplies (we have four peeple and hence, luggage should not be a problem). Has anyone travelled to China earlier and if so, are there any experiences to be shared / things to be cautious in terms of carrying the supplies ?



I’ve not been to China - but you need to get a letter from your doctor regarding your cycler, syringes, etc. They will list it as a medical necessity & therefore be allowed as a carry on, so no chance of it getting lost, and because of the new flight restrictions you would have to have the letter in order to take the syringes on.

I’ve also put a night’s exchange packed in the cycler carry case (which if you don’t have - ask your PD nurse, they generally have a couple laying around) That way, when I arrive I don’t have to unpack everything just to get to my supplies, saves some time & energy.

Have a great trip!

If you haven’t looked beyond the message boards on Home Dialysis Central, you might be surprised at what you will find elsewhere in the website. For instance, there’s information on traveling with a cycler within the U.S. You might want to contact your air carrier following the recommendations in this article to be sure you have all that you need to have to get on the plane.

I’d ask your clinic if it can help you find a medical facility in the town where you’ll be where you can get medical help if you need it. Also, ask your clinic to send you with antibiotics or a prescription for antibiotics in case you start to get peritonitis. As reported in the article linked above, make sure you have a copy of your medical records and all medicines you take, including prescriptions for all your medicines. I’d hand-carry these.

Here are some other things related to international travel that you may be able to find out from the company that provides your machine and supplies. The company may have other tips for you:
– What do you need to get your machine and supplies through customs going into and out of China and back into your home country?
– Is the electricity in China safe for your cycler and/or what kind of converter do you need to avoid harm? If you can’t use your cycler, you could do CAPD while you’re gone.
– Are there any special rules in China for how you must dispose of the empty dialysate bags?
– If your clinic didn’t know, are there any medical facilities near where you’ll be that are using your machine and supplies in case you have a problem? If not, what should you take with you (including instructions) in case a non-nephrology medical professional needs to change your line or do other procedures you might need?