Vitamin E Lotin and Your Fistula

One of the things that I have noticed in seven years of home dialysis, is that Vitamin E Lotion plays an important role in protecting your fistula, especially from infections… My fistula was ready to get infected from the incompetence of Davita, until I started using Vitamin E lotion which I purchased at Sam’s Club. After leaving the cream used by IU on my sites for a couple of hours, I would put Vitamin E lotion on my sites and arm, wow, made my arm look like new. In addition, Vitamin E will eliminate tough scabs or make them very, very easy to clean. Do not cut corners in fisutla cleaning, you will pay the price.

I would also recommend at the bare minimum, daily dialysis, 6 days per week. This will eliminate your body and heart being stressed from excessive fluid intake, especially, if you might develop a very bad infection like pneumonia. In fact, many heart attacks start with an infection like pneumonia, I know, I just had one and I had NO chest pain. If a massive heart attack is 250, mine was a 4. The body can only stand so much stress, high fluid intake, along with pneumonia, deprives the system of oxygen, which will make it a very bad day for you and me. High fluid intake is ok, if you are going to have dialysis every day. Many individuals on dialysis because of advanced age have weak immune systems and they are only getting 3 days of dialysis, this is a road to disaster.