Vitamins and supplements

I know there was an earlier discussion about this way back but was interested to know what you guys take, if any, in the way of vitamins and other supplements? 8)

Oh dear, we did already speak about that but anyway you asked for it!

Nice pics, Gus. I remember you posting first one and I know we have that in Aussieland, not sure about next 2. 8)

The first one is a protein drink with other nutrients…its a very very good product. I tried Nepro before and it gave me stomach problems.

The second one is multivitamin for dialysis patients, no prescription needed for that one.

The third one is Iron…

The fourth one is Protein liquid, also very very good…

Im on magnesium, Multivitamin B, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, and
vitamin D.

Just Replavites (a B plus C vitamin specifically for renal patients), plus I’m on Rocaltrol.

Apparently all dialysis patients are supposed to be on folic acid. We have also just been started on B6 as its supposed to help lower cholesterol in Dx patients.

Apart from the Multi-B, B6 & Folic Acid I get from the hospital, I also buy a commercial B6-Magnesium-Zinc tab.
I…er…really need the Zinc component :oops: :wink:

Why do u buy that one Bear? I just buy plain ol magnesium. And Ive finally found a chemist that sells it around $5 cheaper.