Waiting time for deseased donor

Been on pd now 14 months approx in uk. How long is usual waiting time… My doc says im not strong enough for a transplant yet, hmmmm i am gettimg paranoia because i had a bad disagreement with this doctor last year and i think she is making me wait longer than usual… I mean i feel good and strong and not half as bad as i was last year, does she need me to be doing handstands to prove im strong enough… Obviously everone with RF has bad days and poor appet3etc but i feel good. Im youngish and healthy, do you need be half dead before your consideered or whst way does it work… Thankyou

Being on dialysis does not automatically put you on a transplant waiting list. There are multiple tests you have to do to make sure your body is as healthy as it can be to undergo the surgery and post-transplant care and medications. I’d suggest you ask your doctor exactly what would indicate you are strong enough for a transplant. Knowing that specifically could help you and your doctor work toward that goal. For example, do you need to be more physically fit? What exercises would your doctor recommend? Do you need physical therapy? Do you need to improve your nutritional status? What foods would be best for you to eat/limit? How are your labs? If there’s any lab that is out of range, can your doctor, dialysis nurse, or dietitian help you understand what you need to do to improve your labs? As you point out, being on dialysis can be emotionally challenging. You might want to reach out to your social worker or counselor to find out if there’s a patient mentor you can talk with or a support group you can attend to help you cope with dialysis while waiting for a transplant.

According to the linked site below, waiting time is 2-3 years in the UK once you’re on the waiting list unless you have a living donor. With a living donor, it takes 3-6 months to get all the necessary tests.