Wanted to buy: baxter homechoice for sale


I am trying to find this machine for my uncle in VietNam but no luck so far. I am looking to buy a new or used (in excellent condition) baxter homechoice (or homechoice pro) machine. Please let me know if you have one for sale or knowing where I can go to buy one

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please email: Tung_dang@copianetworks.com

Thank you

In the U.S. Medicare and/or other insurance pay a daily rate for the patient to use a machine that is either owned or rented by the patient’s dialysis clinic. Medicare and insurance also pays for supplies that are needed for treatment prescribed by his/her kidney doctor. It may be difficult to find an individual who legally owns a machine that he/she can sell.

Some companies do business in used refurbished equipment. Here are a couple of such companies:

GIA Medical - http://www.giamedical.com/index.html
Wil-Med - www.wilmedglobal.com

Here’s information on Baxter in Vietnam (See G43 on page 20 for the contact in Singapore):

Here’s an article from 2007 on dialysis and transplant in Vietnam. At that time CAPD (manual exchanges) were more common. You may want to contact the author whose email is at the bottom of the first page.

Finally, if your uncle requires dialysis and he wants to do peritoneal dialysis, he will not only need to get the machine, but he will need to be trained how to use it, have a way to get the PD solution and supplies, and have a doctor to prescribe all that he needs and to provide medical care.

Hi All,
I’m looking for and very need this used machine too. So thank you in advance for any useful info.
with respect

We have Baxster Dialysis Solution, 16 boxes, to sell, very flexible in pricing, if anyone has a need

Dialysis solutions are considered drugs and I don’t believe they can be sold legally. People in the U.S. get their PD solution from Baxter or Fresenius based on a physician’s prescription. Medicare, Medicaid and insurance pay for dialysis treatments, which includes the equipment, supplies, and staff support. We’ve had several people ask what they can do with leftover PD solution, but the shipping weight of the fluids makes it hard to donate the solution to organizations that help people outside the U.S. You might check with a local veterinarian or veterinary school to see if they’re allowed to accept PD solutions.

I see, but it also gives people a break on the cost of these supplies…

You’re right that it could save money for those who don’t have Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurance. Luckily most dialysis patients in the U.S. have insurance. The regulation was established to assure that people get supplies that have been stored correctly and not tampered with. Once a medication, including PD supplies, gets in someone’s home, there’s no way to know what might have happened with it.

Sure there is. You check your bags and other supplies just like you were trained to do. Look for expirstion dates and leaks or opened material.

Were you able to sell any? I have a bunch myself.