Website on Nocturnal Dialysis-The Geelong Experience presents a good overview of the clinical and economic aspects of nocturnal dialysis.

Tanks, Jane. Cool site and lots of info.

Nice find there! 8)

This guy has been my inspiration from Day One. He has even answered my emails and has helped me to perservere with Nocturnal. Without his website I don’t think I would have contemplated any of it.
My Neph told me the Prof may be taking this year off as Sabbatical leave and travelling to the states to learn more about the new machines among other things. After having you guys raving about how great they are I hope he brings a few back to Australia real soon! 8)

Hi y’all,

“This guy” is Dr. John Agar, who has been a leader in promoting home dialysis in Australia. We have one of his abstracts on the site at

I’ve met Dr. Agar; he’s a lovely person, and he’s coming to Seattle for his sabattical to work with Dr. Chris Blagg–Emeritus Director of the Northwest Kidney Centers (one of our sponsors!) and a passionate home dialysis advocate who helped us to get this site started. (And also a lovely person!) :smiley:

Of course he is lovely, Dori, he is an Aussie :wink:

You mean from Kangaroo country? :shock:

This is a most down to earth and inspiring site :smiley: