Weds. 12/12 - URGENT HHD Advocacy Needed!

Hi y’all,

At 5:00 p.m. today, a rule on Medicare will be considered in DC that could affect patients’ access to home hemodialysis (HHD). [b]We can help ensure that patients can get training for and access to HHD if we make some noise this morning, and be sure to mention HHD–not just dialysis or ESRD.[/b]

Can you please help by:

  1. Calling your key contacts in these areas immediately. *(Michigan is especially key.) NOTE: There is no bill number–this is just Medicare language that will be incorporated into a bill, but has not been yet. So, just say, “I understand that this afternoon the Senator/Congressperson will be discussion Medicare language. I wanted you to know how important it is that…”
  2. You can find phone and email contacts for YOUR representatives at: by putting in your zip code.

Key issues are:
1)* Keep Patient HHD Training out of any broader ESRD bundle. WHY? Because a one-time “patient event” (e.g., training) is included in an ongoing bundle of routine services, so payment for HHD training would be spread across all dialysis treatments in all locations in the US. This would essentially mean there is NO reimbursement for this resource-intense, critical service!
2)* Consider an HHD Pilot (similar to the ABCD bill from the prior Congress)
3) Specifically allow the Secretary to adjust payment for new therapy options/patterns of care

You have a chance to make a difference for dialyzors across the US if you take action today! (WHEN YOU CALL, PLEASE POST & LET US KNOW).