Weight gain through PD


I have been doing PD for about two months and watched my weight to steadily increase each week. Now I have gained about 10 lbs in 2 months. I wonder how others to deal with the weight gain. Exercise may help. Any other ways to slow down the weight gain? I welcome some weight gain, but I need to stop it at some point in the future. --Jie

Hi Jie,

Hopefully some folks who are doing PD will weigh in on this question (pardon the pun). Exercise can help–generally you’d want to do it while you’re empty to reduce the chance of hernia. The culprit in PD weight gain is the sugar that is used to make the PD solution work. Reducing other sources of sugar in your diet–not just the obvious ones like candy, but also “hidden” sugar in ALL baked goods (anything with wheat or corn), white potatoes, rice, noodles–can help cut down on how much you gain.

Thanks. These are the same advice from my neph. --Jie

I think we all wish there was a magic bullet that would make weight fall off, but unfortunately, science isn’t there yet. Too bad, it would be nice! But be really, really careful about any of the over-the-counter pills and “Hollywood diet” liquids. They can be harmful if your kidneys don’t work.

Hello Jie,

Before my PD Catheter stop working I was complaining to the Clinic Nurses and Neph about my weight gain, They suggested that I workout. I had become tried and restless. I move to Georgia in July 2008 and weighed 235 and I went up to 275 by March 2009, the PD Nurse readjusted my machine. She said that I was not drain off the fluid but retaining it.

Mr. Larkin