Weird advice? Eat more cheese?

Hi there,

My father has been on dialysis for about 8 months and has had fairly good nutrition test results. However with one of the last blood tests the cholesterol count was somewhat high and the doc advised him to start on cholesterol drugs. He wants to wait to the next one to see.

His phosphorous has been low (2.9 and now 3.0) and the dietician wants him to get it up to a 3.5. She advised him to eat two slice of cheese per day and even add an egg.

This seems like strange advice to me for someone who should watch out for cholesterol anyway but perhaps I am wrong?

Any thoughts? Any other ways to increase phosphorous that are lower in cholesterol?

Oatmeal! 1 c. instant cooked has 176 mg of P (+ has fiber!)
Cereals with added nuts &/or whole grain have higher P.
Bran cereals are higher in P.
Recommended: 600-800 P mg/day per 2018 National Kidney Foundation’s Primer on Kidney Diseases.
NIH Publication No. 10-7407;