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Hello Beth,
Looks like I am the first to respond to your post and say Thank You for the welcome.
Although I have nothing to do with Home Dialysis, I am a dialysis nurse and we just began to do Nocturnal Dialysis treatments in our unit.
Where are you located? . . . in the USA? I am curious as to how many people in the states are doing at home treatments.
I have a feeling that dialysis will really begin to increase in patients’ numbers with all the baby-boomers aging. It’s encouraging to think that now some, in this patient population, may have more treatment options, such as dialyzing at home.
And, just in general, I think the ‘nocturnal’ end of dialysis will really be growing fast. I think it’s an unfortunate thing, but people are not too quick to make the right diet and life style changes early enough in their lives, thus some may be able to prevent problems before occuring. And certainly the restaurants and fast-food chains don’t really help.
At any rate, I’m excited to be a part of this rather new treatment (in my area) because I truly believe the patients are, and will continue, doing very, very well.
Take care Beth,
Ann RN

Hi Ann,

The Medical Education Institute, which put together Home Dialysis Central, is located in Madison, WI, USA–but we welcome the experiences of people all over the world. Where are you located?

Nocturnal in-center hemo is beginning in the US, too. It falls into a sort of gray area for us, since it’s not done at HOME, but it fills a potential need for patients who don’t have a partner to help with home hemo.

Ideally, nocturnal home hemo is done 5-6 nights/week–to permit the benefits of a more continuous treatment–but we’ve seen a trend recently toward 3-4 nights/week instead, probably because dialysis is only paid for here 3x/week. This still offers about twice as much dialysis per week as in-center patients get.

We’d love to know more about how your program works. How many nights a week are treatments offered? How does sleeping at the center seem to affect the relationships of any patients who are married? Is dialysis offered in chairs, or beds? Do patients sleep well during treatments? Do they put in their own needles?


Dear Beth,

Interested in hearing from nurse who are currently doing Clinical education for NxStage. I have heard alot about this role and I am interested in hearing how the nurses enjoy there current role? What does the role detail? How much traveling? and so on.

Thank you
Unregistered user

I’d suggest that you start a new post asking for this information as probably no one would look here for your post.