What does this trip through dialysis history teach us?

What does this trip through dialysis history teach us?

Conventional, current haemodialysis (HD) is commonly for 4-5 hours, 3 times/week (4x3). But, in the main, conventional “ maintanance” dialysis is dialysis …

In the providers’ time, by the providers’ rules, at the providers’ convenience

In addition …It imposes conformity of lifestyle by restricting choice…It limits outcomes by enforcing unimaginative regimes

The future of HD should aim to be …

In the users’ time, by the users’ rules, at the users’ convenience

… And the user is you, the patient with kidney failure

Ideal dialysis should at least offer ‘optimal’ options, Ideally, there should be options in HD, ranging from …

  4-5hr x 3/wk                                           (centre/satellite/home)

  Daily, short-hour, 5-7 days/wk               (centre/satellite/home)

  Long, slow, nocturnal 3.5 nights/wk     (centre sleep-over/home)

   Long, slow, nocturnal 6-7 nights/wk     (home)

Richard C/O Jessie

Hopefully in the next few years there will be some other type of treatment for dialysis. Might be through cloning kidneys or maybe it will be like on Star Trek where you just have to take a pill!!

you bet … gonna get me one or two of those … Jessie