What is an acid rinse

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering what an acid rinse is. We dont do this. After dialysis we remove the bi-bag, put the dialysate hose back into the front of the machine, and press the disinfection button. This runs for 40 mins. then we turn off the machine, turn off the water from the wall, then when the run button finishes flashing on the RO, ( that means the water has drained from the RO ) we turn off the RO…
thats it until the next dialysis.

I am trying to work out what the acid rinse is. Can someone tell me please.
thanks Queenie

I don’t know what machine you are using but on the Fresenius the Acid Rinse means the machine is being cleaned with acid. You start Acid Rinse it Rinses the lines then tells you to connect the wands. You need the jug of acid you used during dialysis and another jug of acid. You put each wand in a jug and push start. The machine then cleans with the acid. Our protocol is to do an acid rinse every day, heat disinfect 5x a week and a chemical rinse (bleach) twice a week. Also during our heat disinfect the machine needs the RO water for about the first 20 minutes then we can shut our RO off as the machine uses the water in the lines to finish the heat disinfect it doesn’t keep drawing new water from the RO.

Funny how protocols vary here and there. On my Fresenius 2008K, we do an acid clean every day, immediately after treatment. This is just to remove and crystallized bicarbonate that may have formed anywhere in the dialysate system, it’s not to disinfect anything. The acid used for this is simply a jug of white vinegar. Then we put the machine in heat disinfect, except the one day a week when we do a chemical disinfect instead (this uses Amuchina, which is just strong bleach made for dialysis disinfection).


thanks for the replies,
it is amazing how different each country is. Here in Australia, with home hemodialysis machine we don’t do an acid rinse at all.
We have the fresenius 4008 machine, there is a rinse, a heat rinse, a disinfection and thats all. All we do is take off the bi_Bag, remove he wand from the acetate bottle and put it back in the machine, then press the disinfection button. thats all. Then we going back on the machine, we press the rinse button which does a 16 minute rinse before we use the machine.

We use the disinfection button after each use of the machine, the disinfectant is called citro…something…lol…
We were told that we dont need to do this all the time, just once a week. Most people use the heat rinse only. But, I asked them if it would hurt if we used it all the time and they said no, so we do.
The only time a bleach rinse is done on the machine is when the machines are used at the hospital or in the centres. I have noticed they do bleach rinses when someone with a contagious infection uses the machine, like hepC, I know this because my hubby has hep C and they bleach rinsed the machine after he used it.

regards Queenie