What is your Knowledge?

Hello Judith B.,

Since you state that your knowledge is limited, what is your knowledge on Lupus Patients who have ESRF and need Dialysis. Is there a % of Pt’s you may know with similar issues?

Just want to make sure since your involved in the Kidney Foundation, I would imagine you have been Lessened on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. As you may or may not know, Lupus is NOT a Kidney Disease (maybe Lupus Nephritis), for it can lead to Kidney disease and ESRD. This is why I Registered because I’m in ESRF and staring Peritoneal Dialysis soon. Like I stated in one of my other post’s a comment about, " how I know more about my illness then most Nurses". Well I hope this comment does not deter you away from answering any of my questions, I take advice and decide for myself the value of each and any givena considerable thought and appreciate any given.
So, with all that said, The Thread Title is the question I present to you.

It seems you have confused a statement by Beth Witten with me, as she is the one who is closely affiliated with the NKF and made a comment that her knowledge of renal diseases may be limited since she is a social worker rather than a nurse or physician. However I will try to answer your questions as a nurse who worked in neprhology, primarily PD, for 25 years. You are quite right that as a lupus patient you may know more than many nurses about your disease. I have known and cared for many dialysis and transplant patients with lupus and while their care is complicated most have done well. If you have any questions about PD I’d be happy to try to answer them for you.

thank you for your reply, unfortunatly, confusion is part of lupus, meds and old age of course. Look forward to any advice given`