What kind of water filter do you use?

In spite of the Brita pitcher filter, my water tastes horrible. Are there any good recommendations for water filters that eliminate the bad taste?

If you can tell us your budget, then we can help you in choosing best water filter among hundreds.

Alright! My budget is no more than 500$. Which one do you recommend?

500$ is quite good budget for an amazing water filter. All you need is to do research on each water filter and choose which is according to your budget. In this budget, ectrolux Smart Choice Replacement Water Filter is recommended from my side. Here are it’s main features:

  • The water tastes great.
  • Easily replaceable for Frigidaire appliances.
  • Certified by NSF.

If you are concerned install a reverse osmosis under sink unit runs on water pressure. Look for one that has available cartridges at a good price. I have had 2 over the years been drinking city water from the tap since 2008 they pump from aquifer reverse osmosis and then buffer the water for ph and such after have heard of people saying that 100percent ro water is not the best for your innards? My mother has been drinking spring water for over 25 years now and she is 80 plus using sediment filters. During the time back in the 80,s I hauled spring water :droplet:to a cistern weekly we would chlorinated and filtered around 13 years. Here is the funny thing a month or so after moving to a different state and before insurance kicks in I get a kidney stone very painful. The company I worked for made from under sink units up to multi million gallon a day reverse osmosis units what timing. As a side note when I was a kid in Florida we had a Sulphur smell to well water moving back years later you could smell some one watering there yard with unfiltered water from a long way off. As a crazy friend said often what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I know that isn’t original but he meant it.