What questions would a LMT ask a 56 year old man on dialysis

Call I’d have volunteered at an outpatient dialysis center where patients are in end-stage Reno, Reno failure your client Robert is a 56-year-old man on disability because he lost one leg below the knee in half and half of the other foot due to diabetes diabetes, he is overweight and a heavy smoker. He has a heavy, phlegmy cough. He smells of smoke and body odor. You agreed to offer a 30 minute massage while he is receiving his dialysis treatment make a list of questions you would like to ask to Robert or the staff page into whatever reactions and personal responses you have to working with Robert what are your concerns? How can they be addressed

Home Dialysis Central does not treat patients with kidney failure so if you were trying to reach this patient’s provider, this is not the site for that. Home Dialysis Central provides education for patients and professionals.

If what you’re asking is how to provide massage therapy to a person who has kidney failure and is on dialysis, you should find out the type of dialysis the patient is getting and where his/her dialysis access is located. Any massage should avoid that area.

You state that the patient has a cough and smells of smoke and body odor. It is important for patients on dialysis to report any symptoms to their doctor or dialysis staff and maintain good hygiene to avoid infection. Patients are encouraged to stop smoking, especially if they want a kidney transplant.