What the Liberty Peritoneal Dialysis is good for

I started using this cycler on April 11th 2011. The Representatives have been very kind and helpful. The problem is NOT the people. It is the equipment! If you get the same cycler offered to you, I recommend the following uses for this machine:

The Liberty Boat Anchor. The Liberty for Target practice. The Liberty anvil for Blacksmith. How much is scrap metal worth?

For the above applications, I believe the Liberty cycler would prove most excellent. As a medical device to help clean out your body of wastes, I think you would have better luck popping pimples on your back at midnight while asleep =)

You sound pretty frustrated, Unregistered! If I had to guess, I’d say that maybe you’re getting a lot of alarms? I know we’ve heard from other folks here that sometimes a machine swap is needed. It’s not necessarily ALL of the cyclers–but possibly just the one you got–that may be the problem.