What was the most helpful thing learning home dialysis?

To introduce myself, I am now a PD nurse, but will soon be transitioning into a brand new home hemo program in my area. I’ve been cruising through this message board for a few months now, and would like to say that I am full of admiration for all of you who are such experts in controlling your health. It sounds like you have had excellent teaching, and then have continued learning and seeking knowledge on your own after that basic training!

If you would be willing to share with me the things that made your training work for you (most helpful, best teaching method, etc) and/or what you really disliked or wish someone had warned you about earlier, I would so appreciate your input. I’ve learned already from reading your messages, and understand that even the best nurse doesn’t totally understand dialysis from the dialyzor’s viewpoint. I want to do the best possible job for my patients, and would be proud if they turned out to be as expert as you all seem to be.

Thanks in advance - you are courageous and determined people!

Hi there, I would have to say that not all dialysis patients are the same, so I guess you must know who are the determined ones to live on their own…alot of patience is needed and I guess you must show great interest of helping those who really want to learn! Listen to your patients and try your best to give them good answers… :slight_smile: