What would Make Patients Experiences BETTER (Both at Home or In-Center Patients)


Hello Everyone,

I have been working for almost a year to open a Renal Dialysis Center (and to have some patients transition into in-home therapy). Things are finally coming to a head and it looks like the center will open by Spring. I have met some VERY cool patients along the way (having been an Infusion/Crohn’s patient for years, working in healthcare…and now interacting with my partner/Nephrologists’ patients)… and the MOST important outcome I am looking for is to make a difference.

I am already going to provide such a “different twist” to managing the patients, the care they recieve, etc. But, in order to truly make a difference, I have to keep my ears open to what the patients and their families say for themselves. I do not want to be a “meat market” just to have large chair counts and turning profit. I genuinly want to make a difference in every patient that we encounter’s life. I have family with Kidney issues and I KNOW personally what it is like to have a chronic illness, but thank God I have been in remission for years. And I can always remember who treated me the best, what hospitals and centers I felt more confident in, what nurse touched my heart…and who had compassion. THIS IS WHAT I WANT for my company. Even if I only have the one center and never grow a bit - I want the one center to have a million great stories.

Is there anything that you can share with me? What could have made your journey better? What do you like or dislike about caretakers, doctors, centers, trainers…? Are resources available to you to understand your illness better, what can be helpful to you? Please tell me ANYTHING! I absolutely appreciate any comments; it means everything for me to hear, so I can make an impact. Thanks! KRice


If you are on Facebook, you might want to join our Home Dialysis Central group there, and post this question. I wish that folks still used these forums as much as they used to–they were formatted MUCH better and far easier to search. But, we moved where the dialyzors went, and that’s to FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeDialysisCentral .