What's goin on?

[B]I haven’t been able to post for a while since I haven’t been feeling computer friendly for a while. Thought I’d bring some more information about myself to the table.

SORRY ADMIN"S, Could you move my “BODY IMAGE POST” out of the professionals sub- forum and bring it to this one? I need info about my thread from both sides (Patients and Professionals) but I didn’t notice it until after posting it there. Thanks

As for me…Like I stated I do NOT dwell on my SLE LUPUS illness AT ALL. But I’ve been feeling like #2 for a while now. I don’t like this PD thing one bit. I know that it will enhance my health but it will destroy whatever little self esteem I have. This is bugging me and I NEVER dwell on things! What the MEDS do to my MOOD without realizing it or being able to control it. Being out of my control is unacceptable to me!
But At LEAST i have Guy here for me. For he is my caretaker, fiance and you couldn’t ask for a BETTER one!
Karen~ [/B]

Hi Karen,

I moved that post for you–and left a redirect, in case any PD nurses want to weigh in on the body image question from what they’ve seen in their practices. Thanks so much for sharing the photo. It’s nice to see who we’re talking with! And it’s terrific that you have such a great support.