Whats good for ears and eyes?

My right ear is beggining to bug me every so often it feels like that im underwater but im actualy not. It mainly happens if i tilt my head back abit but if i keep it normal it doesnt happen.

Also whats good for your eyes being red mainly around the eye lashers area. The white bits are normal. I have pleanty of sleep and the the max ammount of liquid i should and have around 1 half leters a day including whats in food. But i think i should be on more. Is there certain foods that can get rid off this redness or other way?.

Ive worked out i can have 3 cups of tea and 3 cups of water a day and rest in food and that works about 200mils in a tea cup and 190mils in a water cup. Do you think i should drink more water then tea or is tea just as healthy?


Your eye problem may be conjuctivitus needs to get some eye drops from your doctor or could be infection of the iris. does it feel like you have sand or grit int he eyes?
Ears may be blocked with wax? Try a few drops of olive oild to soften the wax then see doc or nurse and have them cleaned out. I have suffered from eyes & ears too!!

yes my eyes actualy feel like that at times but its only since ive been on dialysis. Ive asked my PD nurses about it but they just asked me “why do you think that happend”. And i explained its only since been on dialysis but they didnt seem to want to know.

A couple of things come to mind. I wasn’t able to find anything about eye irritation on dialysis in the published medical papers, but that’s unfortunately often the case. I’ve certainly heard of folks having that problem, and once met a VERY longterm patient on dialysis (he’d actually used a dialysis machine made from a Maytag washing machine), and his inner eyelids were very red. So, there may be a connection to dialysis.

Or, there may not. Not everything that happens to someone on dialysis necessarily has to do with dialysis. For both your eye and ear troubles, I would suggest that you talk with your nephrologist and/or primary care doctor–and if he or she doesn’t have any answers for you, ask for a referral to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist for your ears, and an opthalmologist for your eyes.