Whats the normal life expectancy of a dialysis patient


Thank you … I am 77… I hope all is well with your Dad.


‘exhaustion’, yes! Have kind of readjusted myself around it. Before i was put on IHD, i would work 10-12 hours (even 16 some times). Now, that’s reduced to a max. 6hrs (4-5 hrs/day average). Now, when i’m exhausted, i’m done. But, by God’s Grace, after i’ve taken the rest i need, i’m up & at it again!

Have gone past a 10 yr ‘grace’-period undergoing Hemodialysis at four different centres; abandoning myself & the situation into Hands that have asked that i simply ‘trust in Him’. Have seen ‘faithful Providence’ all these years when i was out of options to provide for the huge related expenses. Now, whether its the time on this side or that which awaits in the next, i know which Way i got to keep walking…

I hope that i be found ‘preparing’…
I hope that i be found growing in ‘trust’
I hope by then, to have grown humble & loving…
I hope that there will be at least little differences that i might’ve made to at least a few lives…
I hope that at least a few lives would remember at least a few things & b able to thank the One that’s placed me here for the time.

But, i really hope most that i be found growing in ‘trust’
I hope by then, to have grown humble & loving…


You are amazing! Whenever I read posts by yourself, Bill or Pierre I feel this old world of ours isn’t so big and bad after all!
Even though I live on the other side of the world it is great to know people support each other and give out such strength.
Cheers :smiley: