When to use Extraneal?

Hi Judith,

My husband started PD in Dec '18 first doing manuals now the cycler exclusively. He is also a type II diabetic. His treatment is 5 exchanges overnight, 2000ml 2.5% and a final fill of icodextrin 1000ml day dwell until the next cycler treatment. We are considering switching clinics but the new clinic says they may need to change his treatment prescription. The PD nurse at the new clinic says Extraneal or icodextrin is only for people that are fast transporter, and since the PET shows my husband is a slow transporter, that he probably should not be using it. I’m a little concerned because reading some of the posts on this forum, it sounds like Extraneal is a good thing to use for day dwell, esp for diabetics, because of its low reabsorption unlike the other glucose based solutions. What are the determining factors in deciding whether to use Extraneal for day/night dwells? Would appreciate your input. Thank you in advance.