Where to buy CAPD solutions

My dad is planning to come to US to visit me from different country in the summer. He is on CAPD and will need to get Baxter DIANEAL Low calcium (2,5 mEq/L) Peritonial Dialysis Solution with 2,5% Dextrose during his stay here. Since I am not familiar with this, did anybody know where can I buy this? Can I buy it at the regular pharmacy and do I need a prescription for this?

Thank you.


In the U.S. the patient’s nephrologist writes a prescription for PD solutions and other supplies needed for PD. The prescription is sent to the supply company – Baxter in this case. Baxter then ships the PD solution and supplies to the patient’s home or travel destination. When patients in the U.S. travel, the home dialysis training nurse and social worker at the dialysis clinic help to make arrangements for a backup dialysis facility in case the patient has a problem. The clinic may want medical records in advance or the patient may hand-carry his medical records and he should remember to bring his medicines and prescriptions for each of them in case he needs to buy more here.

If he’s going to be here too long to bring his supplies with him, I bet he will need to have a prescription to get the same PD solution and other supplies here. He should ask his doctor to contact Baxter to find out how he can get the supplies while he’s here. He might want to also ask what they’d cost and how he’d need to pay for them. You can find the contact page on the Baxter website at http://www.baxter.com/about_baxter/contact_us/index.html.