Who flicked a switch?

Morning - I have spent the past 20 months performing CAPD on my disabled wife - we have been getting good results and seemed to have turned a corner, blood results were good,clinic and consultant were happy - 1500ml in, 1700 to 2000 ml out - then, about a month ago, it was as if someone flicked a switch - suddenly we start getting 1200ml returns, occasional 1700 but a majority have now turned into 1200ml - 1300ml… My wifes weight has gone up (2kg in a month) and clinic PD nurses have been telling us to try stronger solutions (No improvement), Heprin in the fresh bag (Again, nothing) Manipulation ( If any of the neighbours saw the positions we have tried, they would have been calling the police!) and finally back to stronger solutions - nothing, but nothing seems to be working… We are off to clinic tomorrow (150 mile round trip) but I wondered if there where any geniuses out there who might have an idea if there is anything we could do? The nurses seem to think the catheter has got itself tucked into a corner but that would mean no drain, not a very rapid drain without the usual volume at the end? SO, come on, what are we doing wrong???

Guest, you may find some answers here–bu I hope you’ll also pose this question to Judith Bernardini in our Expert boards. She’s been a PD nurse for many years, and has probably seen your wife’s situation before.