With allergies season now watch for use of antihistamines on dialsis

My wife is on PD and has been having allergies, we tried CoricidinHBP, she lost all blood pressure and was revived last may we did not know what caused it. This week she was bad and took same Coricidin, she went to hospital again with loose of blood pressure. We went to Drugs.com ( mednotes) and looked up interractions and found that antihistamens and renal failure can be fatal if used un moniotored. Beware and carefull.

Hi Happy on PD. Thanks for the warning! It’s really important to always ask a nephrologist (AND a pharmacist) before taking ANY drug when the kidneys don’t work. “Drug” includes:
– Prescription drugs that other doctors prescribe
– Over the counter products (just because you can buy them without a prescription doesn’t make them safe)
– Herbs of any sort
– Folk remedies
– Street drugs

Many drugs are cleared from the body by the kidneys, and can build up to toxic levels when the kidneys can’t remove them. Or, they can interact badly with other drugs.