WiZIQ Worked …

Whatever happened to the WiZiQ seed that was planted and grew remarkably between presentations ?

Hi Richard,

Well, WiZiQ was pretty good at some things, and REALLY bad at others. It was a nightmare to upload files, for example, and the audio quality was terrible.

We’ve already signed up for a replacement service that offers a lot more functionality, and are just waiting until after the big American Society of Nephrology meeting next week (when I’ll get my new laptop. Mine had…issues) to try another practice session and then get rolling again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking–we’re glad you liked the sessions and are lining folks up to do more!

It turned out that WIZiQ worked real well at times and real bad at other times. We had too many audio problems and the support was pretty bad. One of the biggest issues was the audio when playing back the recording. Also the last webinar with Dr. Sprague, the audio was lost for different segments of his talk. It turns out that WIZiQ is based in India and support is almost non-existent. However, the WIZiQ experience has proven that the webinar concept has been proven to be an enthusiastic medium for educating dialyzors and we are working on what we hope will be a better platform.

I do disagree with Dori about loading files. If she had a PC rather than a Mac she would have had no problems at all. That’s one for the PC!

Yes, but Macs are entirely superior to PCs. :wink:

Perhaps I’m wrong but I had thought that the technical problems were simple to overcome because the users … the givers and the participants … were both on a learning curve.
Learning curves are fine …like dialysis and kidney failure…and people just have to get used to them and learn how to use the system and learn through education and practical application… such was the sole purpose of Wiziq
A users guide seems to be essential.

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately, the issues were part of the interface itself, and the tech support folks were in India–and not very responsive. Our new system has been problematic as well, which is why we haven’t debuted it yet. We may have to switch again, but we are committed to restarting the sessions when we find a stable, affordable platform.