Year of hell with nextstage

Next stage equipment and supplies are unreliable in one year I replaced 4 head units had 6 leaks In pack. Was forced by fresnius to put machine on my bedroom. Every time it fails concentration checks it beeps at 3 or 4 in the morning and repeats process till it finally drain. BEfore the hurricane in FL I ordered bags which I did not get. Also they sent wrong prescription for sacks so I went 3 days w/o dialysis while w/o power FOR 10 DAYS. When i called nexstage about wrong rx Ochmed at tech lied and told me fresnius changed prescription. I am done with nexstage and will look into legal recourse. I am a disabled pharmacist and never seen such a bad Co. I started this highly motivated to succeed and feel victimized. The supplies that fail cartridges , packs etc are supposed to be picked up. After miserable equipment failures only 1 item was picked up although the technition will tell you they want to pick it up. After months of their crappy equipment In front of my house and multiple calls I threw it all out never to hear a word about it
I.want to know where the money flow is and contact the govt agency that allows nexstage to take taxpayers money. If you have had problems email me at

I’m sorry that your NxStage experience has been so horribly frustrating! You may have read that Fresenius has purchased the company, and perhaps when that goes through next year, they will use their larger, more robust supply networks to improve this situation. I can’t say that I’m surprised that you did not receive bags just before a hurricane, but that must have been scary for you! I hope things get better for you.