Yellow #21 alarm

I have been getting the yellow #21 alarm a lot lately when I first get on. I look for a kink in the lines, but can’t find one. If I raise my arm up higher it sometimes stops, but then it may occur again. The strange thing is, sometimes I can’t make it stop, but as soon as the first check comes on it always quits. Has anyone else experienced this?

I use a catheter and I have the same problem. For me coughing helps it go away, but I just have to wait for the first check and then it doesn’t come back.

Basically, my pressures drop in the first 30 minutes so I too get a yellow 21. I generally put my pump up 10 then back down which makes the machine go into a check mode which resets the pressures so the yellow 21 stops, otherwise you generally have to keep hitting mute or move around until the next scheduled (mine are every 15 minutes) reset.

home hemo 9/04

Our clinic administrator advised us to press STOP button then restart immediately. That has always worked on our machine/s. Good luck. J&A