Eating schedule for nocturnal

What time in the day should someone have his last meal so that there is no problem on nocturnal with needing to go to the pottie?

The only schedule I have is that I don’t feel well later on dialysis after I start or during the night if I eat a heavy meal too late in the evening. Other than that, no problem. In practical terms, that means that, if I start my nocturnal treatment at about 10 or 11, I try to eat supper before 6 when I can.

Mind you, I have to say that diarrhea has never been a problem for me. I’m sure it would be difficult if it were, and maybe if it couldn’t be resolved any other way, I would have to consider switching to short daily.


Are you able to have any snacks or drinks after 6? Do you drink anything on the tx?

Oh yes, I do have snacks later… toast, potato chips, various desserts, etc. I often have coffee while I’m setting up, and I drink a glass of water or something the first half hour I’m on dialysis. The snacks can’t be too fat, or the drink acidic, or I can expect to have heartburn later on. I don’t digest anything very well once I’m on dialysis.

Hi Heather
On my Nocturnal nights I eat my main meal at lunch and have only a small meal (say half size) or a snack around 6pm and am on by 9.30pm after a coffee. I found a heavy meal would make me very uncomfortable (particular if it had beans or red meat in it :? ) and I would be desperate to get to the toilet sometime during the night.
Having said that, most mornings when I come off around 5-6 am I am well and truly ready to go to the “loo” and then ready for some “tucker” again!

I usually have dinner a couple of hours before I set up. I dont need to go to the toilet during the night, so dont really have a problem there. I used to get bad diahorrea on PD, and was forever disconnecting from the machine to go…or dragging my bags into the bathroom with me lol
If I got it while on HD I think there would be a problem :?

Hubby Ralph usually eats dinner at 5 and a snack at about 8 (he is diabetic).
We usually are on by 9:15pm and most nights no problem but on occasion I have had to disconnedt and put blood on recirculate while he is in the
“potty” not much of a problem at all once you do it a few times it is quite easy to do this. Some nights we have to do this 2 times. But what the heck it is only sleep. :lol:
It is all worth it.
We went to the cardio guy this week and found out his ejection fraction of the heart went from 39% to 50% and thr doctor says it is because he is on nocturnal!! Believe me it sure is all worth it. Life is great!
We are waiting for Nxstage to be nocturnal and then Life will not only be great but SUPER as well. 8)
Have a great day.

Congrats on hubby’s great cardio improvement Pat!

Thats great to hear about the heart improvement!! My last injection fraction was I think 60%. I didnt know nocturnal could improve it. Will be interesting to see my next echo to see if it is any better.
I am managing my fluids better now. In summer I was drinking up to 4 litres between treatments, sometimes more, and now I have been going all day without a drink, because I just forget.

Gawd Amba how do you do it? I couldn’t live without my cuppa teas :shock:
So far I haven’t had to watch my fluids too much on 3-4 nights a week but come next summer once the wee output has diminished to about zilch i reckon it might be time to up the dx per week rather than go without those yummy smoothies and fresh icy juices!

I really dont know beachy!! During summer I was thirsty ALL THE TIME! I didnt matter how much I drank I was always thirsty. I could of easily drank 4 or more litres a day :shock:
It is now 10am and I havent had anything yet. The weird thing is, I wake up in the morning, usually dont feel like a drink. Then as soon as I take my pills (with a drink), then it gets the thirst going. Weird but true!
Im off to the hospital to get pills yay I like spending my last bit of money on pills :?

I suspect that at least one and possibly more of your pills has the side effect of dry mouth. This is often a side effect of drugs for high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, pain, colds and allergies, etc. Dry mouth can also be caused by health conditions like diabetes. If blood sugar is high, people get thirsty. Of course, salt can make people thirsty too.

Here’s info on dry mouth. Although it recommends drinking plenty of fluid, obviously this is not good advice for someone with kidney failure who is on dialysis.

Beth, a common side effect of renal failure, beleive it or not, is thirst!
Because of the chemical inbalance, it makes us thirsty. Which makes it 100 times harder not to drink too much. You cant drink the thirst away either.

If you all have your last meal by around 6 at the latest does that mean that you have a bowel movement prior to getting on your nocturnal tx?

But you do eat normally? I mean your food has salt in it? Your soup has salt in it?

Hey Amber! what time did you go for the tabs?? I left home about 2:10, so got to P.A. about 2:40, parked out front in the 10 mins spots, put the scripts in, moved the car up to the renal & walked back, got a cuppa from the canteen & went to wait. $77 later (I was expecting more :smiley: ), I left about 3:20. :slight_smile:
Been running on commercial multi-B/B6 for 4-5 days until I could get the new lot from P.A. I’ve been noticably more tired, so Iguess they’re not as good eh? :roll: …however the commercial B6s had zinc & magnesium in. I know I need the zinc :roll:

I eat normally yes, but I try not to have too much salt as it makes the thirst problem worse. I rarely eat soup, too much fluid :frowning:

Was up there about lunch time bear, so would of just missed you. Hopped on the bus about 2pm. Only $20 on meds this time, but it was my last $20, dont u hate that :x

Hmmm…I love my wife’s home-made soup, but don’t have it too often now - too much fluid at once. But someone gave her a big pumpkin 2 weeks ago, so last week she made several liters of spicy pumpkin soup…so I had to have some. 2 bowls a day for 2 days. Damn the consequences! :smiley:

Okay Heather I will tackle this one as it seems nobody else is game!
The answer to your question is most nights yep and also first thing in the morning. i eat a lot of roughage etc i do notice if I eat a meal of mainly red meat I am not so regular.