High protein brekky?

Okay, I know we have had discussions about the benefits of beef jerky and I realise you Americans eat a bit differently to the rest of us, but what do you eat for breakfast that is full of protein but not loaded with fat? All ideas appreciated and taken on board. 8)

In the USA, multi-cultural that is…Australia and Canada gots to be like that to… :roll:

…so there’s gotta be sll kinds of eating habits and foods out there… :slight_smile:

here’s my take…

lean meats and beef
fish (just about every fish is high in protein, anything from tuna fish, to salmon, to shrimp)
egg whites
protein supplements
Protein bars

…simply the typical lightweight breakfast…with fruits, juices, veggies…

…what I don’t do often is eat at fast foods restaurants and those All You Can Eat Buffets…

Hamburgers- Seldom
Pizza- sometimes

I love a club sandwich in the morning after my dialysis. I’ve never been to Australia, so I don’t know if this is known down under. Just your standard club, three slices of bread, one layer of tomato, bacon, one layer of turkey or chicken, lettuce, and mayo. I soak any fat off the bacon with a paper towel. Sometimes, I will add a slice of cheese for the extra protein.

One thing I’ve always found is that it’s almost impossible to eat enough protein on a daily basis if I don’t include at least an ounce or two at every meal.


beachy, what are you kidding?–everything in America is loaded with fat! Interestingly, the year prior to learning I had to go on dialysis, when I was feeling so dragged out and didn’t know why, I thought it was just mid age related and went right to work researching nutrition and exercize. The nutrition part opened up a whole new world to me when I learned how unhealthy processed foods are and became inspired to re-train myself to eat correctly. I realized ppl make wrong food choices because they are following the patterns they grew up with. But it is possible to re-train oneself and form new patterns. So, that is what I did and I just loved the journey as it is so empowering to replace wrong food choices with correct ones. It just irked me when I had to go on dialysis and revert back to many of the less hea;thy choices due to phos. and K limitations.

Through my research I found that there are many charlitans out there pushing books. But one individual I found that I felt offered very balanced advice is a woman named Pam Smith. She is a credentialed dietitian who has a series of books out, a website (with question and answer discussion board, you might try posting your question there) and does seminars for pro athletes to get them into energy building eating habits. Interestingly, she started out her career as a renal dietitian.

As far as breakfast choices that are not loaded with fat, Pam Smith teaches that some fats are good for us and I believe she says that 1 T. of good fat per meal is not excessive. I am a person who absolutely loves breakfast and tries to make it fun and interesting. I cook from scratch, staying away from boxed or canned items as much as possible. That way one can control what goes into the dish.

Breakfast for me is anything from pancakes, waffles, french toast, crepes, fritattas, bagels, biscuits, omlets, english muffins, croissants, buritos, tortillas, hash etc. Nothing like eggs over easy with that delightful yellow yoke oozing out. Or really go for poached eggs, too. And hasbrowns and creamy stoneground grits really do it for me. Let’s not forget wonderful breakfast ham, bacon or sausage. And for a really special twist one might throw some seafood in.

How much of this is low fat? Good question lol. According to my labs, my cholesterol is good so, hopefully, I am not overdoing it. (Don’t worry, I don’t eat that whole long list in one meal lol. )And like you, really enjoy that morning coffee (and I use a variety of types)- has to be one of life’s greatest delights doesn’t it? Are there any breakfast choices you have in Aussie Land that aren’t on the American list? Travel to Pam Smith’s site for specific answers to your question. I guarantee you will get an education there :smiley:

I still think an egg cooked any way is the best choice however I get up really early, before my stomach is awake so I usually have just toast with jam and coffee. Later on or before I head out to tx. have an egg usually scrambled in the microwave, or half a meat sandwich, usally something lean like tuna , chicken or turkey. We hardly ever have any cold cuts in the house. I plan for leftover roasts or meatloaf ect. for sandwiches. we ate breakfast at the diner this a.m. and notice they recently put scrapple on the menu…ewwwwww! You don’t want to know what is in that. My non fasting cholesterol is usually under 200 but I think it would be lower if I could exercise like I used to, and walk. The RA (at least that’s what we’re assuming it is!) has gotten worse; if I start home hemo and suddenly get better I’ll know it wasn’t the RA… Desserts are now for special occassions, or weekends sometimes. I no longer succumb to Entemmens sales. Prevention mag. was my inspiration for revamping diet; Adelle Davis was a pioneer too, and her books are still in print. Lin.

Yum, brekky at Jane’s sound terrific!

I guess my problem is I feel really hungry when I come off Nocturnal at 5.30 am but don’t ever feel like cooking something then so usually settle for a good cereal, fruit and yoghurt. Eggs don’t ever do it for me (had nasty experience doing agriculture at school where we were incubating them and they went ROTTEN :o
My cholestrol is low but I am conscience of putting on weight since I have this extra fluid so not keen on too much fat, but definitely need some higher energy options. We have all those foods you all mentioned except “scrapple”??? Will just have to be a bit more adventurous with my morning eating. Could go a BLT right now!

What a shame about your eggie experience, Beachy!
Eggs are a mainstay for me for protein…even when I was off my food severely when I got ill & felt really sick, I was still able to eat a couple of poached eggs with toasted muffins for ‘brunch’ (I was only really eating twice a day then).
Sometimes when I come off h.h. in the a.m. I’m starving, but mostly tiredness overcomes this & I go to bed for a catch-up sleep. So, I’m looking for the toaster &/or fry pan around 10ish on my days off. I do occasionally stray into wickedness & go into McD’s for their brekky :oops: :lol:
On work days, I usually catch a cheese,tomato & onion toasted sanger in the Myer center or a muffin similar to McD’s but from the same sanger counter.
I’ve never really been a breakfast person (@ home). I have to be up & about for an hour or so before I can eat.

Sanger??? Is that like our word for sandwhich? I, too, do not have an appetite for breakfast the minute I wake up. I don’t know if it’s the disease or what, but my appetite has never kicked in until around 10ish. I watch ppl in my family who start eating the minute they wake up in the a.m. and wonder how food can taste good when one is barely awake, but it suits them fine lol.

I can’t remember what my appetite was like before I began dialysis, but with 3x incenter, I can only eat 2 meals a day. I have wondered what other patients experience. I only feel in the mood for a little fruit inbetween breakfast and my next meal which is anywhere from 2- 5 p.m. My labs are alwyas good, but if I ate more than that I would think my phos. and K would be too high.

Also, after dialysis txs. I usually don’t eat again for the rest of the day other than a little fruit sometimes, but by then I have already had 2 meals in the day. I have found that if I do have some appetite post tx and eat a meal, then the next day I have a poor appetite the whole day. So I skip eating post tx.

Also a strange thing is, I eat on dialysis and I am concious of the need to eat the first hr of txs to remove as much K as possible etc. so I eat my 2nd meal of the day then which is about 12 noon. I seem to get an appetite then similar to the way ppl do when they take a plane flight. I am relieved that I got on tx safely and it seems to kick my appetite in.

It is interesting hearing about how everyones appetite inproves with daily txs. Do you find you are eating more often and larger portions? Was anyone previously like me only being able to eat 2 meals a day?

Wow, It took me awhile to figure out what brekky was lol Since starting dialysis I’ve gained too much weight; I believe it’s not just that I’m moving less but also the changes in diet (less fruits and vegies ect.) so I’ll be curious to see if when I’m on home hemo if I lose at least some of what I’ve gained. Lin.[/list]

Ah! problems with colloquialisms eh? :smiley:
Yes the good ol’Ocker (Ozzie) slang for stuff, like ‘Sanger’ for sandwich. In Wales it was "Sarnie’.
ON the first o/s surfari I did to France, it was interesting to hear the confusion caused by a bunch of people who all thought they spoke ‘English’. Seppos, Saffers, Ockers & Kiwis, along with us Welsh & english surfers (more slang there, I’m afraid - Seppos=Yanks, rhyming slang from septic tank, the rest are easy to work out).
A couple of times someone would get a strange look from someone else, because of a word or phrase. For e.g., I find it really funny, knowing how P.C. so many Americans & esp. their T.V. channels are, to hear the intro song to ‘The Nanny’, who gets thrown out on her ‘fanny’, as this might be an innocent reference to ‘bottom’ in America, but here & in the U.K. it specifically refes to female genitalia :oops: :oops: :? :shock: :smiley:

Back on topic…My appetite really started coming back, once on Haemo, but on nocturnal, it’s really back - especially as we have virtually no dietary restrictions. :smiley:

That’s the one disadvantage of daily nocturnal. You can gain real weight again! I certainly have, without too much effort at all. It’s the first time in more than 5 years that I don’t have that drawn out, emaciated look. I’ve had to cut back on desserts, soft drinks, snack in between meals, etc.

I like to have avocado or tomato on toast for breaky, now that Im aloud to eat it. Or sometimes ill have hot baked beans on top of the avocado.
French toast is nice too. If you are on a renal diet you may want to check up on the potassium content of maple syrup.

Heres my recipe

2 slices bread per person
1 egg per person and 1 for the bowl
splash of milk
good handful of grated cheese
chopped parsley

Beat the eggs with a fork. Stir in all other ingredients. Dip in each slice of bread and allow to soak for a few seconds. Fry in a non stick fry pan with a little marg or cooking spray until brown on both sides. Dont have the pan too hot or the cheese will burn.

Or if you like it sweet

Follow above recipe but leave out cheese, pepper and parsley. Add a couple of teaspoons of sugar and mix well. Cook in same way. Serve drizzled with maple syrup or golden syrup.

I’m just hoping that with home hemo I will have a more liberal diet. I spent years revamping diet to include whole grains, more fruits and vegies and more water, and then poof all those things go out the window. I’m probably the only one on the face of the planet that gains weight on dialysis! I think though that energy is the thing that really makes a difference. My perky took a hike not long after starting dialysis lol Hoping to get it back once on home hemo… Lin.

Avo on toast with tomato and cracked pepper is the best! I love it! As for French toast, I put on weight just reading the recipe!

Hey Lin, home hemo is great and I hope it does give you more energy. Here is what I have done in the last day and a bit. 5km walk dog on beach, swim, drumming/dance group 1and 1/2 hours, gym circuit 1 hour. Will do another walk of dog this afternoon before back on Nocturnal. (Hmmm lucky I gave up work, no time left for that) ! Feel great, eating right foods but still putting on a bit of weight around that tummy :o Love that term “my perky took a hike” :lol:

Avo on toast with tomato and cracked pepper is the best! I love it! As for French toast, I put on weight just reading the recipe!

5km walk dog on beach, swim, drumming/dance group 1and 1/2 hours, gym circuit 1 hour. Will do another walk of dog this afternoon …" :lol:[/quote]

Hmmm…just got into work after a 2HOUR trip/jam and that avo sanger would go down a treat :?
Wow, Beachy - you have heap more energy than me!! :shock: My wife normally walks the dog about 2km, but if I do it, he’s lucky to get 200m! :roll: :smiley: …actually, I’ve just changed dialysers back up to 210H, as I used on daytime haemo. Only done two so far, but I think it’s making a difference already. Hope it continues. Maybe then I can ‘pull my weight’ around the house and have enough energy for the surf.
It’s good to get your appetite back…but it means I’m not dropping weight as quickly as I’d like :frowning: …but maybe an increase in energy will sort it.

Hiya Bear
If I had to go through 2 hours in traffic I wouldn’t be in a fit state to do any exercise! :shock:
Glad to hear you are feeling better. It is good that they keep fine tuning things for home patients and so they should. We are saving the govt a truck load of dollars!
I have only been on dialysis for less than 10 months and never did in centre so I think going straight home after training and doing Nocturnal has helped me retain fitness. I never lost my appetite as I think I started dialysis before the rot set in. Reading all these horror stories about bone disease and neuropathy etc scares me so I will keep the exercise up even if some days are killers after a bad night with no sleep.
I suspect I am just in the “honeymoon” period healthwise even though I have had kidney disease for a long time. Just hope to remain healthy and happy for as long as I can, as does everybody I’m sure.
Take it easy. 8)

I understand one can eat liberally with nocturnal txs., but still not sure what that means. For ex., can you eat an entire banana or more, all the melon you feel like eating and then have a whole baked pototatoe in the same day? Can you eat the really healthy things like whole wheat products, beans, nut meats, seeds, yogurt, tofu etc. in sizeable portions?

Can you eat the really healthy things like whole wheat products, beans, nut meats, seeds, yogurt, tofu etc. in sizeable portions?

Yes, absolutely. I eat those things, except yogurt which I can’t stand.

Bananas, melons, oranges, etc.? Within reason. The highest I’ve been able to get my K since nocturnal has been 5.0

A whole bunch of bananas, maybe not. Never tried that :slight_smile:


Havent tried avo with tomato, good idea!! They are my two favourite things.

French toast is ok if you use low fat cheese and cooking spray when you cook it. I tend to only be able to eat two slices, which is totally ok if you are watching your weight. To cut fat even more, swap half of the whole eggs with egg white.

If you arent sure about the diet on nocturnal you are best to see your dietition. I asked one of the nurses what can I eat, and the response was “whatever the bloody hell you like!” LOL :lol:
However I dont think you could go and eat 10 bananas at once.

My potassium has stayed under 5, I think only once it went a little over.

It’s not really possible for me or anyone to say go ahead and eat whatever you want. All I can say is that for me, on daily nocturnal hemo, there is no practical limitation, whereas I was on the usual strict dialysis diet before. If you can’t be satisfied with one banana and a few slices of melon and maybe some spaghetti and marina sauce for supper… I mean, if that’s not enough freedom and you really have to eat the whole melon and many bananas all on the same day, I don’t know what to say. More than one banana might be fine, depending on what else you eat that day. But what I can say is that there is no practical limitation on eating the usual things that people eat…

In other words, you don’t have to count anything. But as we know, potassium is the one thing that can be deadly if overdone, so, nobody will come right out and say eat all the potassium you want.

They don’t even really have a dietician for us nocturnal patients. There’s just no need for one. We’re only told to be more careful on the off days.

I should mention that my diet liberalized a lot when I started short daily for the first 3-4 months at home, but I still had to take a binder and I did still need one BP med. I don’t need either on daily nocturnal.

For me specifically, the biggest aspect of dietary freedom is that I don’t have to limit phosphorus whatsoever, and I actually have to ensure I eat some salt. That opens up a lot of food choices.