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“An illness is too demanding when you don’t have hope”


With your Hosts…
Stephen Furst got his big break into movies in Animal House, in which he played Flounder. Stephen has also starred as Dr. Elliot Axelrod in St. Elsewhere and as Vir Cotto in Babylon 5. He is a successful television and movie producer/director and a kidney patient.

Lori Hartwell is the author of Chronically Happy - Joyful Living in Spite of Chronic Illness, and President/Founder of Renal Support Network. A kidney patient since the age of two, she has consistently strived to instill hope into the lives of people who live with chronic kidney disease.

Listen Now to our Introductory Show [from the website]

Special Guests Scheduled

June 6th: Jodi Picoult
Best Selling Author Jodi Picoult, a best-selling novelist and author of My Sister’s Keeper, the story of a young woman conceived in order to be a blood cell and tissue donor to her older sister. The young woman balks, however, when asked to donate a kidney.

June 13th: Dating and When Do You Tell
Two patients who provide real-life advice and insight on dating in light of the special restrictions of living with renal disease.

June 20th: Peter Quaife - Rock Star
Peter Quaife, a former member of the popular British rock group The Kinks, who began hemodialysis in 1998. To pass the time, Peter began drawing cartoons about what went on at his dialysis clinic. A collection of his cartoons was recently published under the title The Lighter Side of Dialysis.

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Hope it is something good and not limited to corp propoganda.

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From: dalee <owner_dialysis@…>
Date: Thu Jun 1, 2006 11:44 am
Subject: Renal Support Network presents, “KidneyTalk” on June 06, 2006 owner_dialysis@…
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Cite: RENalerty Email News

Coming This Tuesday…

Internet radio will never be the same as RSN “takes to
the air” on June 6 with KidneyTalk! This online radio
talk show is destined to become a “must listen” in the
kidney community, streaming health, happiness, and
hope to renal patients everywhere.

You can listen to KidneyTalk! free on the Internet by
going to RSN’s website, A new show will
be uploaded to the site every Tuesday at 2 p.m.
Pacific Time. Each new show will be available 24 hours
a day for an entire week, and past shows will be
archived for listening at any time. For those of you
familiar with the digital revolution, KidneyTalk! can
also be listened to as a podcast (see site for

What makes KidneyTalk! unique is its blend of humor,
insight, and useful information–all geared toward
helping people with chronic kidney disease live full,
productive lives while reminding them that they do
have a future.

A red-carpet list of celebrity interviews sets the
stage for lively exchanges between RSN President &
Founder Lori Hartwell and her co-host Stephen Furst,
an actor/producer/director and diabetic who recently
began dialysis. Stephen starred in movies such as
“Animal House” (he played Flounder) and on TV shows
such as “St. Elsewhere” and “Babylon 5.”

Included in the mix of KidneyTalk! shows prepared for
its debut are interviews with best-selling novelist
Jodi Picoult (“The Tenth Circle,” “My Sister’s
Keeper”), former British rock star and now dialysis
patient Peter Quaife (“The Kinks”), and comedian Howie
Mandel (host of the TV game show “Deal or No Deal”),
each providing insight on living successfully and
happily in spite of chronic illness.

Other guest interviews include two patients who share
real-life advice on dating in light of the special
restrictions of renal disease, a nephrologist who
talks about the considerations of pet ownership, and
two nurses who discuss the benefits of having a
fistula placed first and its care.

Visit now to listen to a KidneyTalk!
introduction and to view our slate of upcoming show
topics and guests. You can also sign up for a
KidneyTalk! podcast and e-mail alert.

KidneyTalk! is interactive, so if you have an idea for
a future show or guest, or just have a general comment
about living with CKD, we’d love to hear from you. You
can send us an e-mail at kidneytalk@…, or
leave us a voicemail toll-free at (866) 379-HOPE
(4673). Select voicemails will air on upcoming shows.

KidneyTalk!.. Another first for RSN. Something very
special for the kidney community.

I’m sure that this will not be any kind of propaganda. Lori Hartwell is a transplant recipient and has had kidney disease since she was a baby. She gives talks to professionals to help them see what it’s like to be a patient and to tell them about their behaviors that are not helpful, only she does it with humor so they don’t get defensive. She was getting asked to do so many talks by professional and patient groups that she solicited funds from a variety of sources, recruited and trained a small number of patients who now go out and give talks too.

Glad to hear this should be trusworthy. I listened to the promo. it was only about 5 min. Is that how long the programs are, anyone know?

What did you think?
I thought it was excellent. I liked the commercials for protein – no brand just eat more protein.
(Full disclosure: I’m a FOL and been interviewed for a future show of kidney talk.)

Its quite cool, professionally well done, wouldn’t it be okay to offer commercials for a few dollars of donations? I mean everyone has bills to pay… :roll:

Another great show … dating, marriage and CKD

Check it out

Interesting,…hmmm :roll:

P.S. Your not married Bill, are you?


Ah k,…


There is a new program up and it features a dialyzor who travels alot.

What do you think about Kidneytalk? I think there are a number of future programs that could be done around the topic of high dose dialysis, self-care, etc. If you like KidneyTalk drop Lori and Steven an email or call and give some feedback.

Nice show Bill! :slight_smile: …had to turn my audio quite high to hear it…while I was llistening it reminded me of this video below…

Check out this weeks KidneyTalk - it’s all about Home Hemo and independant living. Hasmik Mouradian, who knows about dialysis and the independence that home hemodialysis can offer.

Hasmik began dialysis when only 16 years old. Not knowing what was wrong, her parents took her to the doctor because she had swollen legs. “The next thing I knew, I had to start dialysis,” says Hasmik, who was living in her native country of Armenia at the time.

Here is the link:

This weeks KidneyTalkis Choosing and Caring for Your Vascular Access:

Lana Kacherova, RN and Vickie Peters, RN discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different dialysis accesses – your lifeline, so you will make the best choices and avoid complications.

Check it out.


There is a new program up and it features a dialyzor who travels alot.

What do you think about Kidneytalk? I think there are a number of future programs that could be done around the topic of high dose dialysis, self-care, etc. If you like KidneyTalk drop Lori and Steven an email or call and give some feedback.]

Congratulations Bill! Was great to hear a real live human voice that we (sort of) know! Can you tell me what the name of the Unit you dialysed in Cairns was?
Cheers 8)

You can read about that portion of the 1999 trip here:

Here is a part of my journal that’s about the unit:

Dialysis is what has made my stay in Cairns a vacation. I think it should be called resort dialysis. The Cairns Private Dialysis Center stands apart from every other unit in the world that I have visited for several reasons, not least of which are the views patients are treated to. The unit is on the twelfth floor of the tallest non-hotel building in Cairns and uniquely at the Cairns Private Dialysis Center the dialysis chairs face the floor to ceiling windows. In fairness to NKC’ Lake Washington unit, some of their chairs do face towards their windows. However, a view of I-405 through the bushes does not compare to a 160-degree view of the Pacific Ocean. You can see piers where reef tour boats leave daily and (voyeuristic patients note) there is the back of a tall, four star hotel dominating the center of the view. It is the first unit I’ve been to that has needed and has binoculars for patient use.

The Cairns Private Dialysis Center remains one of my two favorite dialysis units in the world that I have been able to visit. Unfortunately about a year or two after my visit they closed - I’m not sure why but they were in need of business when I visited so it may have been a lack of dialyzors.

I think one of the issues was that the National Health System wouldn’t pay for Aussies who wanted to visit even though the public unit in Cairns was bursting at the seams. I called the public unit in 1999 when I was setting up the trip and they listed a number of onerous requirements that visitors had to meet before they could visit the unit. One requirement, which was the deal breaker, was that I bring my own artificial kidney. That was a surprise - $400+ USD per treatment and they wanted me to bring my artificial kidney.

I just did a search and turned up this site:
They list the Noosa unit near you that I visited on the same trip plus a few others I had not heard of before. Have the rules changed? Could you visit a “private” center and have your NHS reimburse for the treatment?

I just listened to the latest installment of Kidney Talk and the best part was when they played the Simon and Garfunkle song “Homeward Bound”. Think this site should adopt same for our theme song :lol:

I have a better idea, “HomeDialysis Central” …on their next website re-incarnation to start offering PODCASTS 8)

Check out this weeks KidneyTalk with Howie Mandel.

On this week’s show, Lori Hartwell and Stephen Furst visit with comedian Howie Mandel, host of NBC’s new hit game show “Deal or No Deal.” Laughing in the midst of tough situations may not come naturally for everyone, but a good sense of humor can definitely help lighten the mood. Oftentimes, humor is just the medicine we need.

Hahaha, :lol:

“People who annoy people are the luckiest people in the world.”