Naturally-acquired covid immunity vs. mRNA covax

Greetings Dr. Agar,
I am a transplant candidate (Stage 4) who recently recovered from ‘covid pneumonia’ after 5 days in the ICU on supplemental oxygen and steroids. I follow the FLCCC prophylaxis regimen against viral/Covid with NAC substituted for Ivermectin. I believe this regiment pre-attack helped me to recover quickly, though none of my allopaths will acknowledge any contribution thereto.
I am under threat of denial of transplant eligibility unless I submit to an mRNA Covax administration. I have both religious, medical, and philosophical objections to such experimentation. Another acquaintance at Stage 5, ag e 42, is being denied a transplant after also having recovered from ‘Covid’ in Nov. 2021.
These cited articles (150 and counting) suggest that naturally-acquired immunity is far superior to any artificially-induced (via a CoVax): 150 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted ⋆ Brownstone Institute .
Another acquaintance, already transplanted, tells me that immunosuppressive therapy negates ALL antibodies: either induced (CoVax) or naturally-acquired.
Please help with this contradictory picture!

You come across as being at least better informed on the C19 situation than many others. I do not know if you are aware but effective July 21, 2021 the CDC released their RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. In the report, on page 40 of the document, under the heading “Performance Characteristics”, paragraph number 2, sentence number 2, the CDC explains that when the PCR test was developed there were no quantified virus isolates available for use to produce the test and that “stock characteristics” and “mimicry of clinical specimens” were used in lieu of having in their possession an isolated same of “covid19”. You are more than welcome to access this report from the following link (the CDC naturally, quickly retracted the document so as not to be seen but many of us archive thankfully). Here is that link:

One would think that with the severity of such a “pandemic” isolating a sample of this virus would be more than simple. That aside, they further utilized a PCR test to detect this C19 virus. The PCR test was invented by Dr Kary Mullis for use in forensics. Specifically, the test amplifies minute pieces of evidence that are too small for use in forensic work and increases it to a level from which usable data can be examined to do things like connect a person to a rape or a murder, for example. Dr Mullis made it perfectly clear that the PCR test was not designed for diagnostic purposes - it cannot determine if a person has a virus orceven if they are sick. What can be done is an amplification of matter from a person greater than 40 cycles of amplification at which point you could find virtually anything in everyone but does not indicate as to one being sick. Our bodies fight off all sorts of outside invaders and dead RNA is easy to come by. So, as I’m sure you’re aware, a corrupt medical industry has pushed for people to be tested fraudulently by a test not designed for diagnostic purposes for a virus that was not used to create the fraudulent test and ran no less than 37-38 cycles of amplification to ensure a “positive” result. They then took these millions of false-positivrs, displayed them on every network using their fear merchants in the news to drive more and more people to go and be tested for a virus for which they had no symptoms of but were deemed “asymptomatic” just to reindorce the fraudulent fear amongst society. And though the mainstream news ignores all of this and has moved on to Russia/Ukraine, the astronomical number of deaths, adverse reactions and for many, a life of uncertainty of what their future now may hold is upon us as a society. I have no doubt that once all of this goes through the international courts as is being dine at this time and it is declared that any medical professional who has administered these injections will answer for crimes against humanity, many will be backing away from this.

I do not know how much of the aforementioned you may or may not be aware of but I’m with you 100%. These are not vaccines. As you say, this is an experimental gene therapy that Pfizer lied about declaring its safety when in fact they knew how dangerous these injections are. They petitioned a court to bury their documentation for 75 years (when we all would be long gone) and the court denied them. We have some of that documentation from Pfizer just released last week. You can view that here (ppg 30-38 for known adverse reactions):

If I were going to guess, the doctor you are inquiring information from is going g to leave this well alone. I can blame him or her either. I personally would not touch this injection. It’s truly deadly depending on which batch you receive. My dad is fewquently in & out of the hospital and it’s a battle to get them to understand that NO, he does not want this shot. They bribed him into a nasal swab which is concerning concerning enough if you’ve looked into those. I wish I had good advice. Your choice: have the injection with a real risk for multiple outcomes ranging from nothing (placebo) to death to transplant or no shot, no transplant and then what, continue dialysis? I too, as is my dad, religiously and in every other way opposed to receiving this experimental injection. Tough spot they have us all in but just my opinion, I wouldn’t have that injection. In fact, I’ve sworn, if anybody comes near me with one of those syringes, I will consider it a weapon, which it is and I will take what measures are necessary to defend myself. Thank God for our 2A. Without that, we’d be no different than Australia, the Netherlands or China.

I wish you great luck. I would not be coerced into receiving this injection and the medical industry needs to wake up fast. Most have to realize that what they ate doing is absolutely wrong and that they are breaking their oath to do no harm. At least I hope they do.