Negative UF on PD

For the last three nights I get a notice warning “slow flow”. This morning I see that I have a negative UF rating. What does this mean and what can I do to help fix this?
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I sometimes get a low drain during my 5 cycles, so if you get a low or negative UF, due a manual drain at the end of therapy…that will still give you a positive UF total anyway. Also try changing positions if you are doing your therapy at night. Or call you PD nurse.

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Preface: I am not a medical professional or doctor. I am my father’s care partner and do his hemodialysis at home 5 days per week. He began dialyzing in December of 2014 and has since treated by hemo, manual exchange, PD and as of lApril 2020 returned back to in-center hemo due to having had both aortic valve and mitral valve replacement surgery in January of 2020. because of congestive heart failure/atherosclerosis. This past February of 2021, we transitioned to home hemo which is much more gentle on the heart. Unfortunately, my dad was just readmitted this Wednesday because we’re having difficulty with his blood pressure. It’s a complex situation. My dad has heart, kidney and liver disease all 3. He never did drink, never used drugs. His health is a complete mystery. All 3 make figuring out what’s what a crapshoot. Today, I’m looking at speaking with doctors about any potential spleen issues due to liver disease as his red blood cells and platelets are both low. Since my dad is in hospital enough, I always try to research to suggest what I find as avenues to explore because there comes a point when they really do scratch their heads in confusion. Not because they’re idiots, they certainly are not. It’s just that complex.

So, I did a brief explore on your question. But first, I’ll say just as my abnormal and social psych professors said years ago, do not diagnose yourself from the material. This is normal in abnormal psych especially. I found an article that may or may not be worth your while. Since I don’t know you or your situation I’d say read through and if and when you see keywords you’re familiar with (if they’re applicable to you) note them and speak with your doctor. Maybe you aren’t fully draining after your dwells.

Check this out see if it helps at all: