Spontaneous human combustion and dialysis

Am not sure if any of you heard of this but its very rare and has happened…however, am wondering whether any of you have any more information about this and whether there has been any relation to high frequency appliances near humans?

In 1944 Peter Jones, survived this experience and reported that there was no sensation of heat nor sighting of flames. He just saw smoke. He stated that he felt no pain.

Perhaps the most famous case occurred in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mary Hardy Reeser, a 67-year-old widow, spontaneously combusted while sitting in her easy chair on July 1, 1951. The next morning, her next door neighbor tried the doorknob, found it hot to the touch and went for help. She returned to find Mrs. Reeser, or what was left of her, in a blackened circle four feet in diameter.

And this has to do with home hemo dialysis because … ?

I don’t think Spontaneous Human Combustion would even make an exhaustive list of home hemo risks.

For those interested in why Spontaneous Human Combustion is not a real issue see here:

But I will note that there is a Google connection between SHC and dialysis. One of the drummers for Spinal Tapcombusted spontaneously and another drummer sold his dialysis machine for drugs. Spinal Tap drummers are spectacularly cursed.

hah, sounds like a good one for the “Mythbusters” :smiley:

The first time I ever heard of SHC was sometime in the late 1970’s. I forget the name, but there was a weekly TV show about strange things narrated by Leonard Nimoy, and it was on that show. I was told the risk of SHC on dialysis is minimal. It hardly ever happens here :slight_smile:

Dang, dunno but its getting HOT over here…past 2 days I’ve gotten dehydrated all because of the heatwave!..once I go outside it takes only 3min for me to dyhydrate!..


It’s been in the 90’s here - and humid too. I’m not too worried about SHC, but man, it sure is hot. I literally go out for a walk and come back having lost 300ml. I’ve been drinking all weekend and I’m still only 1.7 over for tonight.

My goodness… :stuck_out_tongue: What do you drink? Gatorade or something else? Cuz, just water doesn’t do justice for me…my pressure drops too!

Hmmmm, thanks Gus, something else for me to worry about :?

Does it get any hotter than 90 over there pierre? A few xmas’s ago we were up north and it was 108 on xmas day. It gets as high as 113 in the far north. I dont know how the people that live there can stand it!

Where I live is only a 30 minute drive from upper New York state. The weather is about the same as say, Plattsburgh and Syracuse. Cold in winter, but hot like heck in summer. It’s going to be 95 Farenheit today. But I live amid concrete and pavement downtown, so it’s probably more like 100.


One thing I’ve never been able to drink is Gatorade and similar drinks. I don’t mind the taste, but there’s something about it that makes me gag. I did have a glass of V8 yesterday afternoon after my walk. Other than that, I drink water from a Brita jug, and I eat a few salty foods like deli pickles, olives. No matter what I do, I do find it very hard to stand that kind of heat. At least I know my sweat glands are working :slight_smile:


Maybe some “Red Snapper” will do… :smiley:

Some nights I lose anywhere up to 500gms, and occaisionally during the day. If I can lose fluid just by breathing well that suits me!
I was speaking to a couple at our unit and her husband goes outside in the summer heat in a tracksuit to lose fluid, I think that is just going a bit too far lol I think if I did that I would faint!

Hehehe, would you believe that when I was in-center 3x a week in the HOT boiling summer I would go inside our family car to sweat all the excess fluid!.. :roll:

Now in the winter time I would use those OZ portable saunas… :smiley:

The things we do eh lol
I usually run at temps between 36.8-38 so if I get even a bit hot I feel awful, so no saunas for me :smiley:

Anybody going okay with the heatwave? Over here in California we’re roasting!!! :frowning: No matter whether your under a shade ot not the air is blistewring hot!.. my brother-in-law who works for County landfill worked overtime to burry dead livestock and other misc animals…all died from the heat…in my County alone over 15 people have died from the heatwave…I am hanging in here but rather okay…

You peeps saty cool in the house or pool!

I dont want to be reminded that summer isnt all that far off LOL
Its still winter here and its barely even been cold!

Gus, did you send the heatwave over here,
highest recorded temperatures for July since records began!
well in the 90’s/ 34, phew, no wonder I went & purchased 2 air coolers!!

People suffering from heat stroke, more than ever!

VERY high UV rating, I see skin cancer rates going up up up, in the next decade!

Keep cool, theres a storm here:)
Well a pathetic atempt at one!!


Amba’s right - here in the Sunshine State (actually we seem to be having our wettest winter for awhile - thank GOd!, as summer never gave us enough!) we are having a non-winter, once again. Last winter we lit the wood heater 4 times, twice in tenuous circumstances. THis year, zero so far, altho we have put the reverse-cycle a/c onto warm a few early mornings/late evenings.
But to be honest I am looking forward to summer - I like to have an early morning swim before work; I’m hoping to start back going to the surf; I have all the air cond I need @ home & work! :smiley:

We have had the heater on a handful of times but that was just before winter started. Ideally it should be freezing right now, but its not hot and not cold, which is just the way I like it! I dont mind the freezing cold though, its always nice to snuggle in bed. I dont cope very well in summer, my energy levels drop to pretty much zero if I am at home. I dont have air con, just a fan. Last summer i lived in the cold shower, and went to the pool a bit, and the beach. I definitely do not recommend falling asleep on the beach though! The water was quite cold and it was a cool summer day so I laid on the beach to warm up a bit, but got a bit too comfortable.
I was going water aerobics at night which was great to get a bit of excercise and a cool down. I seem to come alive if I can cool off.
We used to just go to the shopping centre to cool down for a few hours but now days it seems everyone has the same idea, so the shops are not all that cool.