What to do with empty boxes?


Has anyone found a way to dispose of the empty boxes from the peritoneal dialysis supplies other than
recycling? Any market for those?


These boxes are super sturdy, and great for folks who are moving, and someone is ALWAYS moving. Look in your area for a Freecycle.org group–most communities have them. Freecycle is a non-profit set up to help keep things out of landfills. You can offer up the boxes, and someone who is interested will come and pick them up. If you have a covered porch to leave them on, you never even have to see the person or let them into your home.


I just collapse the boxes, and store them until my supplies are replenished every month. The delivery guy takes the collapsed boxes, as well as re-supplying my Baxter consumables.


This is really good to know about Baxter. I wonder if Fresenius does the same thing.


Can I suggest you visit www.greendialysis.org and then the Home Dialysis tab, then scroll to Waste Management, then scroll to find cardboard box reuse. Indeed.
The entire ~100 page site is devoted to eco-sensitive and sustainable dialysis.
John Agar


Following up from @John_Agar’s reply.

Gardeners, particularly those following a ‘no dig’ method will always be on the lookout for cardboard.

Other cardboard is recycled at street collection level (here in the UK anyway)