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LeeAnn Smith, Renal Dietitian LeeAnn Smith will answer questions relating to the science of nutrition and how your treatment option affect your diet. Stuart Mott, Cannulation Expert Stuart Mott will answer questions relating to cannulation and the patient's experience with dialysis needles. Judith Bernardini, PD Nurse Judith Bernardini will answer questions related to PD treatments. Dr. John Agar, Nephrologist Dr. John Agar will answer questions relating to the how and why of the dialysis process and the impact of dialysis on human physiology. Beth Witten, Social Worker Beth Witten, MSW, ACSW, LSCSW, is a Resource and Policy Associate for Medical Education Institute. Currently Beth also consults with the Missouri Kidney Program where she and her daughter Amy coordinate Patient Education Program classes in the Kansas City area for people with chronic kidney disease. In the past, Beth worked for the National Kidney Foundation where she developed educational materials for a renal community education and awareness initiative for Medicare Part D. In addition, Beth provided consultation to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a member of the ESRD Training & Support Team for a decade. In that position, she helped train ESRD surveyors and answer questions about the dialysis regulations from them and members of the renal community. Beth has decades of experience as a nephrology social worker advising patients and professionals. She can answer your questions about dialysis reimbursement, Medicare policy, living and working with kidney disease, and the dialysis regulations, including patient rights and responsibilities.
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